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Our clients wanted to become the flooring kings of Michigan and expanding through acquisitions could really speed things up under the right conditions. Learn how we got the deal done.

Bryan was a well-respected flooring company owner in Western Michigan who enjoyed a lot of success already. He found this nice business in Northern Michigan that could allow him to become the flooring king a lot quicker than if he were to do it on his own.

Expansion through acquisition can sometimes be a lot more efficient than doing it organically.

He partnered with his buddy Aaron who had a lot of business development experience and could help take the company to the next level.

This company they were purchasing had been in business for the last four decades and had a pristine reputation so the family was very happy that they were selling to someone they could trust to carry on their name.

We were able to leverage over 90% of this $1.25 million acquisition with real estate when you take the working capital they received into consideration.

They were able to recoup some of their cash infusion right away and have enough for business operations without any financial stress. Now once they get this one under control they will be searching for other opportunities to expand their small but mighty flooring empire fit for kings!

We Won't Waste Your Time

Let me be blunt. Here at Ivanhoe Capital, we structure deals to close and we don't waste you or your client's time. We want to get deals done and if we can't, we let you know RIGHT AWAY and WHY!