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Commercial Real Estate Loans

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Commercial Real Estate Financing for All Types of Properties

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Commercial Real Estate Financing Programs

We have one mouth but two ears for a reason. We’re eager to hear the details about your commercial real estate loan, because we know that’s where value is found – in the details. Because of our wide array of commercial mortgage lending options we can provide the flexibility and options that real estate investors and business owners require. Here are some of the programs we offer for real estate mortgage financing:

1. Community Bank Lending Program

The Community Bank Lending program is for stabilized commercial investment or owner-operated business properties looking to acquire or refinance.

2. Stated Income Real Estate Loan Program

The Stated Loan Program is for real estate owners not looking to supply a full financial package for multifamily, office, retail, warehouse, industrial, self-storage, automotive services, restaurants, bars, and mobile home parks to acquire or refinance.

3. Bridge/Flip Loan Program

The Bridge Loan or Flip Loan programs are for owners who have un-stabilized properties or shorter-term business plans.


The FHA-HUD loan program is for multifamily and senior housing owners and potential purchasers looking to acquire, refinance or construct apartments or senior housing using long-term, non-recourse financing.

5. Fannie Mae

The Fannie May loan program is for multifamily housing owners and potential purchasers looking to purchase or refinance using non-recourse financing.


The CMBS loan program is for office, multifamily housing, retail, hotels, industrial warehouses and self-storage facility owners and potential purchasers looking to acquire or refinance using non-recourse financing.

7. HOA Loan Program

The HOA loan program is for homeowner’s associations looking to acquire real estate, acquire equipment or do capital maintenance projects.

8. Agricultural Loans – Real Estate

The Agricultural Loan program is for full time farmers looking to acquire or refinance real estate.

ICA Offers Programs for Purchasing, Refinancing, or Rehabbing Your Commercial Real Estate

Flexible Programs with Fast Approvals

ICA offers a wide array of commercial real estate financing and loan programs. We work with both owner-occupied businesses and investor-owned properties. We work with both stabilized properties seeking long-term financing as well as un-stabilized properties which seek short-term financing or don’t qualify for long-term financing quite yet.

Our team of experienced underwriters have the ability to structure a commercial mortgage according to your specific need. We’re former small business owners and actual investors, not just bankers. We have actually owned, operated, managed, and invested in businesses ourselves. ICA isn’t about just checking the boxes. Our actual investment experience gives us a real-life common-sense approach to underwriting which looks at the big picture. We see value in every property, business, and investor. After all, we know business owners and real estate investors deserve to tell their unique story.

3 Easy Steps to Commercial Real Estate Financing

Commercial Mortgage Financing Through ICA is the Solution

Quick & Easy Application

Fill out our short online application or call 847-644-8085 today! We can go through your specific scenario over the phone.

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We aren’t paid by the hour like the bank. We underwrite your file efficiently and don’t waste any time getting you a term sheet.

Close Quickly

Once we obtain all the necessary documentation we start the closing process right away.

Commercial Real Estate Success Stories

$2.25 Million Agency Non-Recourse Real Estate Loan at 70% LTV

$2.25 Million Agency Non-Recourse Real Estate Loan at 70% LTV

This client was coming off of a CMBS loan in California on a property where he needed 70% LTV. He really needed a non-recourse loan because he did not want to sign a personal guarantee to protect his portfolio. There were two problems he was having with this. His liquidity ...
$945K Multi-Family Acquisition in Rural Michigan

$945K Multi-Family Acquisition in Rural Michigan

Our client came to us after going to some local lenders in rural Michigan who could not get past some of the challenges that were part of this multi-family acquisition deal. The first challenge was that the borrower had no previous experience with a multi-family property type. Also, the property ...
Electrical Contractor's Bank is Sold & the New Ownership Won't Renew Their Loan

Electrical Contractor’s Bank is Sold & the New Ownership Won’t Renew Their Loan

It happens all the time…banks are taken over by other banks and the new bank wants or needs to consolidate the loan portfolio of the bank they just purchased or merged with. Since commercial loans are usually 5-year balloons and they need to be renewed every 5 years that is ...

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