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Stated Income Loans

Stated Income Loan Programs Are Back For Businesses & Investors!
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Tax Returns Are NOT Required

Are you unable to get a loan because your tax returns do not show enough income to qualify? We have a stated income financing program that does not rely on your tax returns for approval. In fact, we will never even ask to see them! We will base our decision for commercial income properties on bank statements, a rent roll, and leases. For owner-occupied business properties, we will base our decision on bank statements and a Profit & Loss Statement!

Banks require your tax returns to show enough income to service debt. A lot of business owners and investors write off a considerably high amount of their income due to the fact that they can. Unfortunately, this does not help their chances of getting a bank loan because it appears that there is not sufficient income to service a loan so they are turned down. This is a shame because there are a lot of investors and business owners who actually do have sufficient income. They just don’t show it on a tax return because they will have to pay more in income tax.

It becomes a trade-off. Do you show more income and pay more taxes so you can obtain a loan, or do you show less income and pay less in taxes with the end result being that you will not qualify for a loan? It is a tough choice, especially when one of the reasons people invest or own a business is to pay less in income tax. Well, we have solutions for this age-old problem.

Stated Income Financing Details

Tax Returns are NOT required!
Loan amounts $150K – $2 million
Rates from 6.5% – 9%
Purchase, cash-out, or refinance
Amortization: 30 years
Minimum credit score: 650 (mid score)

Here’s Just a Few Benefits of Stated Income Financing


Up to 80% LTV on multifamily properties and this includes cash-out transactions


Recently stabilized – we only need 75% occupancy for the preceding 90 days at a 1.2 DSCR


No seasoning on title and the ability to use appraised value vs cost basis


Low liquidity – We only need 3-6 months of P&I in reserves

Why Choose ICA As Your Stated Income Financing Expert?

Short Application

Fill out our short online application or call 847-644-8085 today!

FAST Approvals

Once we receive the necessary documents, we’ll usually have an answer within 24-48 hours.

Many Property Types

Financing for multi-family, commercial, mixed-use industrial, retail and more!

What Property Types Qualify for The Stated Income Program?

Owner-occupied business
Mobile home parks
Daycare centers

Stated Income Success Stories

medical practice office

Chiropractic Team Needed Alternative Loans For Their Medical Practices

A dynamic husband-and-wife Chiropractic team wanted to purchase this beautiful medical office building in central Florida for $1 Million, pictured above. This would give them the facility they dreamed about for their practice and would also allow them to add rental income for additional cash flow. It was a win-win! ...
duplex purchased with rental property loan

Woman Purchases Income Producing Duplex With A Rental Property Loan

I will keep this short and sweet. Jenny from Boston wanted to purchase a rental property in Boston, pictured above, for $749K. This was a duplex that would create a nice income stream for her. Normally when you go to apply for a rental property loan, you're asked for proof ...
Saved Dentist Over $2,500/Mo, Paying Down Higher Interest Debt!

Saved Dentist Over $2,500/Mo, Paying Down Higher Interest Debt!

A dentist in the Chicago suburbs had a lot of higher interest / short amortization debt that was killing her bottom line. Most of it was equipment leases that are usually at a rate of 15-20% APR or more for 5 years. It makes the payment quite high because of ...

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