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SBA 7A Loan - Torch Program

Need to Expand Your Company or Refinance Existing Debt (or Both)?
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Do It Quickly & Efficiently With This Brand-New SBA 7A Loan Product Up To 350K!

For the last few years, there has been a real issue with funding business loans under $350,000. It seems like PPP and COVID wiped out most of these programs from existence, but now there is a loan solution to fill this huge business void called the SBA 7a Torch Program.

This new SBA 7a loan Torch Program is a fully automated portal-driven product. All you have to do is click the link below and fill out the information to get started. This is not another high-interest MCA shark loan that you are getting hit up for every other day in your email or in your mailbox. This is a true 10 or 25-year amortized loan with very competitive rates!

The SBA 7A Torch Program In A Nutshell


Low variable interest rates


Prime +2.75% on all SBA 7a loans $50k-$350k (current rate is 10.25%) – Dec 15th 2022


Prime +3.75% on all SBA 7a loans $26k-$49k (current rate is 11.25%) – Dec 15th 2022

10 years with no pre-payment penalties

25 years on real estate (5/3/1 prepayment penalty in first three years only)


2-year minimum time in business (under present ownership)

Most SBA eligible industries considered

What You Can Use Your Torch Funds For?


Debt refinancing and restructuring – get rid of those high interest MCA loans!

Working capital
Commercial real estate purchases or refinances (owner occupied)
Equipment or vehicle purchases
Improvements (e.g. paint, flooring, cabinetry, windows, etc.)

Construction – can make up to $150K of the SBA 7a loan amount

Business expansion (e.g, purchase of additional location, book of business)
Sorry, no business acquisitions or partner buyouts

Projected Timelines For Torch Funding


Same or next-day depending on the time of submission.


Financial documents required for underwriting collected.


Two business days once full package is in.


If SBA 7a requirements are not met, we will notify you prior to issuing you a decline

If approved a conditional approval letter is issued and a hard pull of your credit
Closing 1-4 weeks from conditional approval depending on loan proceeds
Appraisals for real estate purchase/refinance take 5-10 business days

Torch funds are same day or the next day depending on the wire cutoff

SBA Loan Success Stories

business man with cape receives sba loan

Huge Success Story When Business Reaches Maximum SBA Loan Eligibility

Ok, so what happens when your client is trying to purchase a business for $4.8 million dollars and they only have around $2.3 million in SBA eligibility left because they currently have a $2.7 million SBA loan outstanding? Can you say “Pari-Passu”? That is the only structure that would work ...
Dance Studio secures SBA loan for new property

Closed on Start-Up Dance Studio…Not Easy in This COVID Environment

Kayla and Kaitlin's life-long dream was to have their own Dance Studio where they could build it like Sinatra - "Their Way"! Incite Dance Center is their creation and is a space for dance education that goes beyond the physical. IDC will be a community filled with joy and the ...
Dr. Fang gets 100% financing with no money down

Dr. Fang Gets 100% FINANCING on Her First Practice with NO MONEY DOWN!

Dr. Fang, who came to the United States from China when she was only sixteen, had been an associate in a dental practice in Southern California for almost a decade. One day, she found out about a dentist who was retiring in her area who had a nice little practice ...

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