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Ivanhoe Capital Advisors is a transaction advisory firm whose tailored solutions help small to mid-size businesses and investors throughout the U.S. navigate complex transactions, from securing capital to restructuring existing capital, completing business and commercial real estate acquisitions, and developing fiscal strategies.

With over 70 years of combined commercial business loan experience, Ivanhoe Capital Advisors offers fast, innovative, and personalized support for businesses in niche trades like franchises, hospitality, manufacturing, medical, retail, IT, and beyond.

Our senior-level consultants provide professional assistance with start-up financing, business acquisitions, franchise services, and partner buyouts through our diverse network of direct lenders. Our in-depth industry experience allows our consultants to expertly advise clients on a range of multifaceted financial transactions in the ever-changing market.

We understand owning a business offers a unique set of challenges, but we can provide solutions. We’ve worked to offer resolutions for businesses facing roadblocks with limited industry experience, bankruptcies, tax liens, and low credit scores.

Ivanhoe Capital Advisors offers a flexible, results-driven plan for your commercial business loan success.

Commercial Solutions

35+ Business and Commercial Real Estate Loans that will help your company grow, consolidate, or expand. A few often used solutions are:

Success Stories

The Captain Keeps His Property And Gets His Yacht!

Saved Dentist Over $2,500/Mo, Paying Down Higher Interest Debt!

Child-Care Franchise Purchase in Florida CLOSED

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  • Expand the services you offer with little to no effort on your part – We’ll do all the work!
  • Our signed agreement states we’ll never attempt to steal your client from you. They are, and will always be, your client.
  • A sizable fee for providing the referral.

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