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Our client came to us with the purchase of a well-known Child Care Franchise in Florida. They were under time constraints and felt that an SBA loan would take too long and the seller would not wait that period of time.

With our Hedge-Fund, we were able to secure a loan of $390K on a $430K purchase price. The best part about this is that they were able to do it without any outside collateral secured by the lender. They had a lot of equity in their home and other buildings. They didn’t want the SBA to lien anything against these properties. Our Hedge-Fund only secures the loan with the business assets of the transaction and no outside collateral is taken.

The seller was also very determined to close this quickly and move on. If there was any delay they were going to pull the deal. We were able to fund the deal within the constraints of the original purchase agreement so the transaction was CLOSED!


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