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Cash for Commercial Referrals!

Ivanhoe Capital Advisors welcome the opportunity to partner with anyone who refers us a deal which they are needing help in securing funding. We have over 70 years of combined experience successfully closing deals for referral sources looking to make additional income and we pay generous referral fees!

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Benefits of Partnering with ICA

Benefits to you:
Expand the services you offer with little to no effort on your part – We’ll do all the work!
Our signed agreement states we’ll never attempt to steal your client from you. They are, and will always be, your client.
A sizable fee for providing the referral.
Benefits to Your Customers:
We are a 30-year organization that understands commercial financing – that’s all we’ve done and all we want to do!
Unlike going to a bank, which is very limited in scope, we offer a wide selection of financing options for many types of projects to suit just about any commercial need your clients might have.

We will treat your clients as well as you treat them.

Your clients will be grateful you could help them find a service they need, further increasing their loyalty to you.

Beyond the Bounds of your Bank

We know that sometimes as a business professional you might have clients who have commercial real estate needs, own investment property, they might even have working capital needs, maybe a business loan. You can’t or might not want to take on these commercial deals because you haven’t had any success in the past in getting anything done for them. Not an expert in commercial deals…. no worries ICA is here for you on ALL your commercial needs. All you would have to do is refer those commercial deals over to us and we would pay you up to a 33% SUCCESS FEE for the referral.

Don’t Take Our Word for It…

Read What Some of Our Current Referral Partners Said About Our Program

I was paid a commission at close of over $4,000 and my client was able to buy four to five more properties and add about $3,000-$5,000 in extra cash flow per month. Everyone was happy!
Susan Larson - Community Mortgage, Wheaton, IL

ICA was able to secure a 5 year fixed / 20 year amortized loan. My client paid off all his back property taxes, current property taxes, legal bills, credit cards and still had cash out he could use to buy another property if he chose. At close I received a check for $3,000 from the transaction. Everything went very smoothly once we were able to get all the documentation we needed from the borrower.
Walt Johnson - Fulcrum Financial, Naperville, IL

ICA was able to help my client purchase a 14 unit building that was not cash-flowing and half-vacant. They were also able to secure 280K to rehab the property so that my client could double the rents. We closed within 30 days and I received a check for almost $3,000. They really made the deal happen when I know it was not easy.
Mark Daszynski, New Market Mortgage Inc.

How It Works

Here’s How Easy It Is to Partner with ICA

No Arbitrary Demands

We do not demand that our referral partners meet some arbitrary annual volume requirement. If you have a B2B customer base, chances are very good you can offer our services.

You're In Control

You can act like a silent partner and let us do all the work, or you can control the deal from start to finish. It is your client and we will respect how you want to handle them and won’t make additional demands from our referral sources.

Underwriting Starts Immediately

Once we have the information we need, we go to work immediately to get a Letter of Intent from one of our sources quickly. Some projects are more complicated than others and might require more analysis, but we try to get answers for your client within 24-48 hours.

You Get Paid Fast

ICA pays its referral partners quickly. In most cases you will get paid on the closing day of the loan. There are some instances where funding might take a few days, but it usually is no longer than a week.

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