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Let’s face it, usually, banks will only fund businesses as long as you don’t need it! Access to capital is becoming tougher and tougher every year! Where do you go? Who do you talk with?….. Well, here at Ivanhoe Capital we’re always going beyond your bank to make your dreams and opportunities become your reality.ICA has been that beacon of light for businesses just like yours for over 70 years in treading through any bank loan approval process. We know there’s no second first impression on the submission of your loan package. It’s tough and challenging, but by utilizing ICA’s experience and institutional relationships were the ones that can get you over the finish line!

“We Simply Know How To Put Commercial Deals Together!”

We have the knowledge and capabilities to help fund your commercial business. We can help you get things done and done right the first time!

At Ivanhoe Capital Advisors we pride ourselves on the advanced capabilities we have to uncover hidden values of our business and Investors we represent. This value might not be clear on the surface but it’s true. ICA is led by a group of highly skilled professionals, who bring a wealth of knowledge to its partners and clients. We have been specializing in small to medium-sized markets since inception.

We also utilize our national network of direct lenders to provide financing options and solutions that meet our clients’ specific needs. We only work with direct lenders across the country who are familiar with ICA’s philosophy and understands the needs of our clients.

We have the knowledge and capabilities to help fund your commercial business…We can help you get things done and done right the first time.

Meet Our Team

Jamie Lendway

Director of Sales & Marketing

Jamie Lendway can only be described in three words “A True Entrepreneur”. After high school he started a carpet cleaning and maintenance business in which he had many major commercial clients. He then started a residential contracting business that he built and sold. His next challenge was reorganizing a struggling CNC manufacturing facility in which he helped turn into a thriving industry leader. He thought after all these ventures the logical next step would be helping other small businesses achieve their goals by becoming a business banker.He found out that could be no further from the truth. This particular bank had their parameters set so high that only the elite top-performing businesses could ever qualify. The businesses that actually needed the capital to expand were just an afterthought. That is why “Ivanhoe Capital Advisors exists. Our goal is to help businesses that truly need capital to expand and take their business to the next level obtain it. While many traditional lenders have chosen to sit on the sidelines, Ivanhoe Capital Advisors are out on the front lines everyday fighting the battle for small business….and WE LOVE IT!

Dominick Scorzo

Managing Member

Dominick Scorzo, brings over 20 years of direct industry experience and in total have closed over $500,000,000 million dollars’ worth of commercial Real Estate Loans, $6,000,000 of Leasing deals and over $200,000,000 of agricultural loans. Their lending relationships include Life Insurance companies, Farmer MAC II, FSA, USDA, SBA, Wall Street and many community, regional and national banks.Dominick, a graduate from DeVry University, has extensive first-hand experience in financing a barrage of businesses from IT companies to hotels, to gas stations to daycares… there’s not much Dominick and his team cannot place with his network of direct lenders. Dominick has also been in real estate industry since the turn of the century. Dominick brings years of experience in balance sheet analysis, profit and loss, cash flows, and tax preparation too. He had worked for many of his years prior to Real Estate and business financing as a controller and VP of finance within the manufacturing industry. Dominick runs lender placement and lender relationships of the company matching up deals with banks, financial institutions, and private lenders coast to coast. He underwrites all deals to make sure when they go out to market they make sense and have teeth. He is also responsible for the accounting of the company. Dominick is married to his wife and has 3 kids. He is a great asset to the team.

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