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Ivanhoe Capital Advisors has Strategically Partnered with Pathward N.A.

As a Pathward strategic partner, our main goal at Ivanhoe Capital Advisors is to become a lender of choice with small and mid-sized businesses across industries. A nationwide SBA PLP and USDA lender, Pathward N.A. has expertise in structuring deals with speed and efficiency.

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Pathward, N.A.

Here at Ivanhoe Capital Advisors, we structure deals, but more importantly, we structure them to CLOSE! We don’t waste your time. We want to get deals done, and if we can’t, we let you know RIGHT AWAY and WHY!

That’s really what you need from a lender, one that won’t leave you at the altar or waste your time and your client’s time! That is why the procedures that we have put in place to process you and your client’s loans from submission to close should not take anymore than 45 days!

We have the people, the Pathward N.A. partnership, and the infrastructure to make sure your loan does not sit and collect dust at any stage in the process. There is nothing worse than having the parties to a transaction wait for no reason other than the fact that the lender does not have a sense of urgency!

Our approach is forward-moving and does not allow for complacency. Our contingent commitments have over a 95% closing ratio due to the detailed upfront analysis we employ on every deal.

We even encourage borrowers to pay for an appraisal or business valuation right after the commitment letter is signed! Why wait till approval? This sets a precedence that we mean business, and really accelerates the speed of any transaction!

Time is the most valuable commodity we have… let’s not waste it!

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6 Ways that Ivanhoe Capital Advisors Separate Themselves from All the Others

1. 30+ Years of Financial Experience Structuring Deals

Your points of contact, Dom Scorzo and Jamie Lendway, have extensive credit and business backgrounds with over 30+ combined years of structuring business acquisitions. Once we have been provided with 3 years tax returns / YTD P&L and Balance Sheet / SDE for all years / Purchase Price, we can give you an analysis and structure along with a pre-qualification usually same day. DOM STRUCTURES IT RIGHT AWAY TO CLOSE! No surprises down the road!

2. We Skip Proposals and Go Right to Contingent Commitments

Once you have a buyer, we collect a few items. Last 3 years of tax returns, personal financial statement, credit report, and a short resume on experience. We will issue the client a rock-solid contingent commitment usually within a few days once we have gone through the information and feel comfortable with it.

These contingent commitments usually have over a 90% close ratio due to the very detailed initial analysis we conduct to make sure we feel certain we can get the deal to the closing table. If there are issues we need to overcome or questions that need to be answered, let’s take care of these right away!

3. Every Loan Should Close Within 45 Days

We feel every loan should close between 30-60 days. Our underwriting team has an extreme sense of urgency on every file because we know time kills deals. If all the parties involved have this same sense of urgency as we do…our goal is to have every file close within 45 days!

This can be done if everyone is on the same page. We accomplish this with our Introduction Call which outlines everyone’s roles and goals in the transaction. We also stress ordering any third-party reports, like business valuations and appraisals, at this point so we don’t waste any time at all!

4. We Hold Your Client’s Hand Through the Entire Process

Once your loan is in process, we have a dedicated individual named Dan Alms who has over 40+ years of experience in the government guaranteed arena working directly with the borrower. There is really no one more qualified in the SBA world to navigate your clients through the process.

It is so critical to have someone with his vast knowledge and expertise to make sure every loan is moving forward smoothly. He can usually anticipate issues before they become issues, so we don’t get stuck somewhere in the process. This is another reason why our closing ratio is so high!

5. Open to Practically All Industries

We’ve funded most industries out there and won’t discriminate based on the industry like other banks. We aren’t going to cherry-pick specific industries just because we like them. There are really no industries outside of gambling or adult entertainment that we don’t do.

6. Many Loan Options for Financing Business Acquisitions

Not only do we do SBA 7A scenarios, but 504, USDA, and conventional financing as well. We also have a very unique hybrid product in which we combine a 7A loan, maxing out a borrower’s exposure limit of $5 Million, and then over and above this we will do a conventional second note in what is called “PARI PASSU” position. This allows us to fund larger, lower mid-market transactions over and above what SBA lending is capable of. We can usually put together a very favorable structure for those $6 – $15 Million acquisitions that are sometimes very difficult to structure.

Here is a list below of just some of the industries we have funded:

  • I.T.

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