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My client needed $375K to pay off the seller note for the property his bar was located in before the owner sold it out from under him. He also needed about $165K to re-do the roof and add a beer garden.

However, as you know all, banks ask for tax returns to verify income and his tax returns would not do the trick. We had to go with a lender who would look at his bank statements and see he had enough cash-flow to pay back a $540K loan.

We accomplished this and got him a 30-year loan so he could keep the building that he put so much of his life savings into. He was also able to improve his cash flow by adding revenue from the beer garden.

Another benefit was that his monthly payment went down almost $1,200 per month!

My client was very efficient at getting me the files I needed in a timely manner, so we were able to close this deal in just a little over 30 days.

Z$540,000 Loan AmountZUp to 80% LTV
ZOnly 75% Occupancy RequiredZ30 Day Turnaround


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