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Rebecca knew that this home was perfect for student housing for nearby Louisville University. She would rent this home out to multiple students because of its unique layout. More importantly, this means that she would collect multiple rents for this property and these renters would be pretty solid because they would be co-signed by the parents. Translation – their middle-aged parents write the check, so it is a very reliable source of payment.

Rebecca is self-employed so she wanted to have a way she could purchase this property without her tax returns or personal income being scrutinized. NO PROBLEM. We won’t ask for anything more than items pertaining to the property and your credit for approval.

The demand for off-campus student housing, especially with institutions who do not have sufficient dorm space is pretty crazy and usually recession-proof. I saw this first-hand with my own daughter going to the University of Arizona this year. She did not get a dorm so we had to figure out her off-campus housing quickly. I could not believe the rates and how little was available.

Students were fighting for studio apartments almost a mile from campus. Pretty crazy. On another note, a company I have followed for years “Blackstone” who is a major hedge fund company just purchased a huge student housing portfolio. Now if a company as sharp as Blackstone is doing it what does that tell you.

I would say student housing is a pretty smart investment if you can find these properties at a reasonable price. We can definitely help you in financing these properties or other types of rental properties without asking for any type of proof of income – NO Tax Returns / W2s / 1099s / Paycheck Stubs, nada.

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