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Franchise Loan for an Exxon Gas Station was CLOSED! They purchased commercial real estate and equipment, yet all they needed was some help from their goodwill, inventory, and a little working capital. This Exxon Gas location in North Carolina has 6 pumps; a canopy island; convenience, lottery and liquor; small restaurant and grocer.

This is the gas station franchise loan terms for the purchase of commercial real estate:

  • SBA 7a loan program
  • 80% Loan to purchase price
  • $1,510,000 loan amount
  • 25 Year term
  • 25 Year amortization
  • Variable rate
  • 6% Interest rate
  • No call / No balloon
  • 5,3,1 Prepayment penalty ONLY
  • No origination fees to the bank
  • $30,000 of permanent working capital

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