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What Is A Flipping Loan?

Flipping loans are used to renovate a building and then sell it as quickly and cost-effectively as possible to increase profits on the sellers end. Fix and flip loans are short-term, usually 6-12 months for 1-4 unit buildings and up to 24 months for commercial projects. This type of loan is used mostly on foreclosures, short sales, rehabs and new construction. The most common type of flipping loan is a hard money loan.

Fix & flip loans are also referred to as flipping loans, fix and flip funding, and reno financing.

Example Of A Flipping Loan

You are a real estate investor and want to purchase a property with the goal of renovating and selling it for a profit.  Another game-plan might be that you are a long-term investor wanting to buy a vacant or under-performing property that has the potential to be a great source of passive income for you and your family long-term.

Banks can only make loans on properties that are positively cash flowing now. They don’t lend on the potentially great investment that you envision. That’s why borrowers end up seeking non-bank lenders to get the capital they need for these types of projects.

Why Choose ICA to Finance Your Flip Investment?

ICA understands the issue borrowers face when seeking capital on their flipping investments. Whether it is your first time or you have years of experience flipping properties, we offer a variety of loan options to get the project done.

ICA has built relationships with over 100 lenders who offer more than 300 diverse funding programs for people like you. Our team of expert underwriters, with 25+ years experience, are eager to help develop a solution for your specific situation.

The ICA Advantage:

  • Fast approvals within 24 hours
  • Short application process
  • Quick closings within 2-4 weeks
  • Mixed-use and commercial use
  • Single Family Homes, 1-4 units, and multifamily property types
  • Loans up to $6 million for 1-4 units and loans up to $10 million for commercial projects
  • Credit scores of 620+ accepted
  • And More!

We have helped fund businesses all over the USA including Illinois, Maryland, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Louisiana, Colorado, Virginia, Florida, Kentucky and others. Including Chicago, Elgin, Racine, Kenosha, Laredo, Boise, New Orleans, Tampa, Lubbock, Lincoln, Oklahoma City, El Paso, Fort Wayne, Sioux Falls, etc.

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