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The Problem

The owner of this commercial property had multiple problems we had to overcome. One of which was a credit score of under 600. The other was the fact that his current lender had already started foreclosure proceedings because of other under-performing investments. We were able to creatively form a joint-venture 50% ownership between the property owner and his tenant.

ICA’s Solution

The property owner contributed the property and the tenant provided the credit with NO money down. Now the owner could keep his property with a solid tenant. The tenant also now had a stake in his place business so it was a win-win scenario for both parties. We were even able to get the owner $30,000 to pay back-dated property taxes and another $50,000 cash-out that he desperately needed to fix unrelated problems in his life.

The Terms

  • 25 year amortization
  • 5 year fixed rate at 6.5%

These terms for this commercial real estate loan really kept the payment down to a point where the building cash flowed extremely well for both parties.

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