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9 Reasons Why Unsecured Lines Of Credit Could Be Your Best Friend Or Only Salvation When Selling Your Listing

  1. You are selling a business that does not cash-flow so an SBA loan is just out of the question
  2. Purchase price of the business is too low and no lender wants to do the deal
  3. Can’t get your stubborn seller to carry a note even though that would seal the deal
  4. Business wants to expand but can’t get financing through traditional means
  5. Buyer does not want to pledge any of their assets to purchase the business
  6. Your client could get these cash-flow loans using their credit card sales or bank account but can’t or won’t pay the loan shark fees that go along with it
  7. You need a transaction to close within 2 weeks – 30 days
  8. We usually go after Lines of Credit with a 0% interest rate for 6-24 months…which really helps cash-flow issues
  9. How about the Best Reason…I will pay you 1/3 of all fees that are collected for just a referral…You give me a name and number and I will do all the rest. I then send you a check after it closes usually within 30 days…What could be better than that!

Here are Four deals we closed within the last two months:

  • Restaurant in Chicago suburb wants second location but first location does not cash-flow well enough yet for traditional loan: We were able to get them 51K @ 0% interest for 12-24 months.
  • Food Truck Operator in Pennsylvania wants to purchase Ice Cream Parlor which is not sufficiently cash-flowing: We were able to get him and his wife 150K @ 0% interest for 12-24 months.
  • Partner buy-in for a medical facility in Nebraska (can’t do SBA loan because ownership is staying as partner): We were able to get them 142K @ 0% interest for 12 -24 months.
  • Fast food Restaurant purchase in Tennessee was not cash-flowing sufficiently: We were able to get buyer 32K to complete transaction @ 0% interest for 12-24 months.

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