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An investor in Washington state owns an 8-unit building that has a short-term bridge loan on it that he needs refinanced because it is coming due. In further conversations with him I find out he owns 2 single-family homes in Pittsburgh that have higher interest rates on them. We combined the 8-unit and the 2 single-family homes into one loan at 75% LTV with a 30-YEAR FIXED RATE AT 4.875! Not a 5-year or 10-year balloon…FIXED FOR 30 YEARS! He never has to worry about it again. He can put those properties on auto-pilot as far as the financing is concerned.


Not Only Is This Rate & Term Unbelievably Awesome…

What you also need to appreciate here is that this is an out-of-state investor and we were able to combine single family homes and an 8-unit building in different states under one loan! That is like, unheard of! First of all, most banks will not loan to out-of-state investors to begin with. Even the ones that used to do do this are shying away from it. Then, on top of that they do not like commingling different property types such as single-family homes with multi-family properties, especially in different states!


And Here’s The Kicker…

We did this all without any income verification from the borrower! We did not ask for tax returns, W2s, 1099s, paystubs – absolutely none of that! We simply underwrite the properties and the credit of the borrower. The way it should be! Why complicate the scenario with a full global underwriting the bank would require. Besides, what bank is offering 30-year amortizations, especially fixed! None! This is the best deal in America right now for investment properties, hands down!


  • Purchase or refinance a portfolio of rental properties
  • Up to 80% LTV on purchases
  • Up to 75% on cash-out refinances
  • Single-family homes, condos, 2-4 units, and 5+ units – Can combine
  • Minimum 660 FICO score
  • Loan terms can be 5, 7, 10, or 30-year fixed
  • Funds in 47 states (excludes VT, ND, SD)
  • Foreign Nationals allowed (up to 65% LTV, eligible countries only)
  • No Tax Returns, W2s, 1099s, paystubs – No personal income verification

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