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Trent found this single-family home in Missouri and knew it was the perfect rental property for his investment objectives.

Trent is a self-employed CPA so he wanted to have a way he could purchase this property without his tax returns or personal income being scrutinized. NO PROBLEM. We won’t ask for anything more than items pertaining to the property and your credit for approval.

With rates climbing and the Missouri real estate market cooling off a bit it sometimes opens up some opportunities for rental property investors to swoop in for some deals. You aren’t competing against as many homebuyers out there looking for their next residence to live in.

It is now a buyer’s market so there might be ways to go bargain hunting which is exactly what Trent did. Last year this house would have probably gotten multiple offers over the asking price within the first week of the listing. However, this year it sat for a while and Trent was able to offer lower than asking price and get it.

We can definitely help you take advantage of this buyer’s market in financing these properties or other types of rental properties without asking for any type of proof of income – NO Tax Returns / W2s / 1099s / Paystubs / Nada.

I’m Jamie Lendway with Ivanhoe Capital Advisors and you can call me anytime. We are here to help you take your investment portfolio to the next level!

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