Ivanhoe Capital Advisors

Affiliates & Referrals

Ivanhoe Capital Advisors welcome the opportunity to partner with anyone who refers us a deal which they are needing help in securing funding. We have over 50 years of combined experience successfully closing deals for referral sources looking to make additional income and we pay generous referral fees!

business professionals

We are currently working with CPA's, Attorneys, Insurance Agencies, Consultants and Commercial Real Estate firms helping clients with their funding requests.


lending partners & investors

We work with other Lenders and Finance Companies to find alternative sources to their current lending programs.  Instead of saying "no", you now have the resources to help your client.


brokers & mortgage professionals

We support a network of Commercial Loan Brokers nationwide, providing them with our 50 years of combined expertise and experience in the marketplace.  We also provide the back-office support companies are looking for that enables you to concentrate on bringing in new business from the wide array of programs we offer.